Cek Harga dan spesifikasi Seam 360 Derajat Cam Mobil Pemandangan Sistem Kamera HD. Detail produk dari Seam 360 Derajat Cam Mobil Pemandangan Sistem Kamera HD dengan DVR USB Port ‘

Detail produk dari Seam 360 Derajat Cam Mobil Pemandangan Sistem Kamera HD dengan DVR USB Port

Please be noted:
This item only supports the display which have AV input, or itcan”t function for you.
Please check your car display before you place the  order.Thanks.

This system provides you an excellent  driving experience asin luxury cars.
Original algorithms enable perfect  accuracy of the bird view. 
The 4 cameras keep recording from the 4 sides of the car.

Main feature:
1. Perfect bird view (aerial view,  round view, or panoramicview)  of the car surroundings
2. 4 Channel  recording from the 4 cameras
3. HD COMS chip lens, night  vision function, waterproof;
4. The panorama is both driving assistance system is thetachograph  system, integration of resources. Compared audioreversing radar, more intuitive  security, the traffic,parking, raised to the highest level of  safety;
5. 360-degree panoramic imaging system parking, loading  fourHD COMS camera.

Brief of the recording function:
1. The system will automatically start recording when  theengine is on, with loop recording for every 5 minutes. For a2GB  TF card, it can last about 1 hour.
2. When the car is ignited and the monitor doesn”t show thevideo  from the cameras, the system will record in thebackground. The bird  view and the front view will berecorded.
3. When the car is ignited and the monitor is showing the videofrom  the cameras, all the scenes displayed on the monitorwill be  recorded. ( It could be the bird view and one view ofleft, right,  front, or rear view).
4. There will be an USB interface with the system which can beused  to connect a PC to copy data from the TF card. 

Monitoring panoramic imaging system with the perfect combination oftachograph,  leading the intelligent traffic trends.
1. panoramic  aerial view car week: starting with a three-waytrigger signal,  reversing forced start, optional turn left,turn right line  activation signal in response to thecorresponding screen. To  capture images around the vehicle byfour cameras.
2. Turning to eliminate  blind spots: front camera than thedriver can see the road  conditions in advance, improvesecurity;
3. High-speed ARM processor,  screen and smooth,the picturecorrection and seamless; imaging  technology is more advancedfisheye image correction and view  transform technology, thescreen naturally;
4. The level of ultra-wide  angle fisheye lens, wide field ofvision, easy installation;  commissioning process is simple,intelligent software stitching  screen; batch installationquick and easy, after suitable equipment  market; can becustomized according to customer needs.
5. The  sound engineering mode settings and unique pictureauto calibration  function.Energy-saving  design canautomatically hibernate when not in use; intelligent automatic stitching and stitching automatic calibration, full coverage of multi-view image information is good mosaic effect,to  adapt to all types of vehicles; flexible configurationparameters  can be adapted to different models, screen byloading the  configuration file,remote control button.

Product Superiority:
1. Product by China CQC  and the EU E-MARK certification.Subjected  to rigorous high and low temperature, vibration,aging test. Components used car rules level materials.
2. The interface menu is rich, to provide users with a variety ofoptions.
3. own technology, independent research and development, industrybest  hardware and software solutions, cost-effective.
4. Commissioning automation, convenient means of simple tools(only  need the help of a few debugging cloth tape measure and4), 5  minutes to complete the commissioning, 10 seconds tocomplete the  splice (input parameters, software smartstitching). Install the master”s favorite.
5. Instant start, without delay.
6. screen and  smooth, 30 frames / sec full-time output, noglare, no card frame. ‘

Spesifikasi dari Seam 360 Derajat Cam Mobil Pemandangan Sistem Kamera HD

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